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Favorite Links

Find great deals on family dining in your neighborhood at

For all kinds of information on activities in the Charleston area, check out

Charleston's Finest City Guide has tons of info on all kinds of Charleston businesses and activities.

House Rabbit Society has all kinds of info on rabbit rescue, adoption, and care.

History Links
Charleston, SC history and links from SCIway

The Powder Magazine and The Old Exchange Building are two must-see historical sites in Charleston.  Both are featured in our Charleston Pirate Tours.

Charleston history from Wikipedia

Charleston Museum

"Geology & History Intersect in Charleston" from Geotimes

Historic Charleston Foundation

Charles Towne Landing

Fort Moultrie

Fort Sumter

Sullivan's Island History

Battle of Sullivan's Island and more from the South Carolina Historical Society

Isle of Palms History

Another Isle of Palms history site

South Carolina Historical Society

Charleston Heritage Foundation

Charleston Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society

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Pirate Links

Was Blackbeard actually from the Charleston area? Author Kevin Duffus outlines evidence for that in his book, The Last Days of Black Beard.

Charleston Pirates

Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, formerly the site of the Court of Guard, where Stede Bonnet spent his last days and one of our museum partners.

Powder Magazine, built in 1713, the oldest public building in the state and a National Historic Landmark and one of our museum partners.

History of Famous Pirates

"Pirates of the Whydah" from National Geographic

Pirate Image Archive includes pictures of pirates, flags, and more.

St. Augustine Pirate University offers piratical learning opportunities for adults and youngsters while you obtain a diploma that demonstrates your pirate knowledge and skills. The web's #1 source of pirate news, reviews, and commentary since 2003.

Pirates! Fact & Legend

National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England

Pirate activities for children from making your own pirate chest to creating a pirate dictionary

More children's activities - you can make your very own parrot out of a toilet paper roll!

North Carolina Maritime Museum

The Legend of Captain Dave's Lost Treasure is sort of a cross between a game and a pirate history quiz.

Virtual tour of the Pirates Museum in Nassau

Pirates Hold
has a little of everything piratical.

Brass Pirate in Charleston's Rainbow Market has pirate collectibles, nautical treasures, and lots of other fun stuff.

Video about Anne Bonny & Mary Read from the History Channel. You'll find links to other pirate videos here, too.

Jolly Roger - Pirate History: Flags flown by the early pirates

Did you know that there is an operetta about pirates?!

Pirates of the Caribbean - not the movie

Article on pirates & democracy

The Pirate King has all kinds of information on pirates, their ships, weapons, even a sailing simulator.

Georgetown, SC History

From ancient to modern piracy

Pirate links from WebRing

More pirate links from Jerrie's Curriculum Hotlists

The Pirate's Realm

Pirates of the Bahamas

"Treasure Island"

America and the Barbary Pirates: An International Battle Against an Unconventional Foe from the Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress

The Golden Age of Piracy

"Blackbeard the Pirate" versus history

Privateer Dragons

Blackbeard: the Real Pirate of the Caribbean by Dan Parry

Representative Americans, the Colonists by Norman K. Risjord

BBC page on pirates

Pirates & Privateers, the History of Maritime Piracy


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