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Why We Do What We Do

Why we do what we do!  

I taught myself how to make balloon animals, because my young daughter liked them so much.  Before I knew it, I was making balloon animals, hats, you name it, at parties, sporting events, festivals, restaurants, and business events.  Ghost and Pirate tours followed along with educational programs for schools. 

I think I have as much fun as the kids! Children are not the only ones, who like balloons and stories. Adults get a huge kick out of them! Of course, everyone loves my partner, Captain Bob, the Blue and old Macaw, "posing" below with Ariel and the other members of the Lavender wild kingdom.



Ariel has become quite the accomplished twister, herself!  We're looking forward to putting her to work in a few years.

W got an order for a few hundred balloon Christmas wreaths, and Ariel jumped right in to help.

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