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Bob, the Blue & Gold Macaw

Bob is one of the many animals, who live with us.  We adopted this beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw from BirdLove Avian Sanctuary in Columbia, SC.

You can often see Bob with Eric at area events and parties.  Bob is also Charleston’s only parrot tour guide and accompanies Eric on walking tours with Charleston Pirate Tours.  By the way, you can find more photos of Bob & his activities in Photo Galleries.Ariel, Bob, and Sprite, the Greencheek Conure at the Sullivan's Island Elementary Talent Show

Al fresco dining... Bob loves to go out to eat!

They forgot my perch!

Again, they forgot my perch, again!

With Gary Griffin of WEZL

Bob's big toy
I know I can get this thing opened!
Maybe if I go at it from the bottom.
Forget it.  I know there are treats on the other side.
An almond and a grape! Living large.
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